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Published: 25th March 2011
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Rubber Sheet, a rubber distribution and manufacturing company, is now stocking high grade industrial rubber sheets and rubber rolls for petroleum and LNG applications.

Shah Rubber Sheet Roll manufacturing and distributors in Pune, of high strength industrial grade rubber materials, ramps up production and stocking levels of petroleum specific Rubber Sheet in India. The Oil & Gas industry in India depends heavily on rubber to solve an array of issues that it faces everyday. With transportation and storage of petroleum and liquid gas, moving these Rubber Sheet Manufactured in Pune require skill and precise planning. Having ship containers, rubber pads for pipelines and transfer hoses fail or deteriorate could cause catastrophic consequences to workers and the surrounding communities. The strength of manufacturing rubber sheet in pune.

Shah Rubber Sheet manufacturers in Pune has done extensive research into the Oil and Gas transportation and extraction processes. Rubber sheet in Pune has found that high strength, high grade rubber sheets can dramatically reduce process failures. Shah Rubber sheet in Pune recently was contracted to create rubber pads to create a pliable and absorbent barrier between oil loading ports terminals and oil tankers. The industrial high strength rubber has the ability to resist the harmful effects of the salt water, petroleum and the weight load to provide a long lasting solution for preventing sudden collisions with objects that could rupture the hull.

ShahRubber Sheet in pune received a lot of calls for industrial grade rubber sheets to aide with the Deep Water Horizon oil clean up, client relations at Rubber Sheet Roll manufacturers in Pune. Shah Rubber Sheet in Pune offered many rubber sheets in response to the overwhelming number of requests during that difficult time, and started to see that the same rubber that could help the clean up, could also be used to circumvent a lot of other preventable accidents.

Shah Rubber Sheet in India contain industrial grade rubber sheets and rubber pads can also be used in mooring applications, non slip textured floor mats, vibration pads for heavy drilling and rubber gaskets for steam and water pumps. Rubber Sheet Roll, manufactures and distributes industrial rubber sheets and high grade rubber rolls to the oil and gas industry to military buyers. Rubber Sheet Roll is located in India with logistical locations throughout the Pune.

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